Antonaci&partners di Vincenzo Antonaci, e’ uno studio di consulenza architettonica operante in Italia ed all’estero famiglio di architetti. L’ufficio e’ presente con la sua professionalità e competenza dal 1959, data in cui il padre, Orazio Antonaci, ha iniziato la sua attività.


Antonaci & Partners C°. of Architect Vincenzo Antonaci, is an architectonic planning Company operating in Italy and abroad. Family of Architects, the Office of Antonaci is present with its professionalism and competence since 1959, the year when the Father, Orazio Antonaci, has started the professional activity.
Arch. Vincenzo Antonaci has carried on the tradition of the Family vocation, widening its operative field by establishing a permanent Seat in Shanghai and becoming in 1994, the first Italian Architect having permanent Seat in China.
The Office aim is the drawing up of projects with consideration to the needs of the Clients, and, at the same time, caring for the sustainable development of the Territory.
Arch. Antonaci and his Partners’ values, are due to a wide range of experiences on different level in the architectonic and urban planning field: In his professional rich store, you can find the project for the Town planning of commercial district of Shanghai, as well as a project of the interior of a single private home.
The spirit of the Projecting Group, guided (led) by Arch. Vincenzo Antonaci, in fact, does not aim to the “specialization”, but rather believe in the multidisciplinary: Different (various) professional competences collaborating in various projects, caring for the requires of the project itself, with the only aim (purpose) to improve the quality of life.
This goal is surely hard to reach, but care and passion for his work, enables Arch. Antonaci and his Partners to reach such planning quality in order to satisfy his Clients.
Arch. Antonaci is as well involved in program of research and study in the field of Bioarchitecture and in general in the field of sustainable development.
Such theorist activity finds application in the planning (projecting) where such studies are used to grant the quality and the originality that each architectonic work has to have.
Arch. Vincenzo Antonaci has an Office in Lecce (Italy), and another in Shanghai, where he has close relationships of collaboration with one of the most important Departments of Chinese Architecture: ECADI and with Liurhiyun Architectural Design Co., who operates in the field of the planning of residential areas on the whole Chinese Country.


Arch. Vincenzo Antonaci has been involved for years in study and research projects in the field of bio-sustainability architecture, thus trying to give concrete answers in order to guarantee a better quality of life and a peculiarity of its own that every site and every project must have.

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